SNHU is a two-day program, covering important topics for all Christmas holiday performers. Women and men are invited to attend, to strengthen partnerships and to better understand the value that women can bring to create a complete holiday experience.

From history to marketing, to exploring your personal style both inside and out, SNHU’s comprehensive, interactive, and fun approach to learning will give you takeaways that help you develop your craft and become a more valued member of the Christmas Community.


We customize each session of Santa Nana’s Holiday University, keeping the core of Santa Nana’s vision, and adding topics 

The History of Women in Christmas – Mythology, Legend, and Fact

How has the role of women in Christmas evolved? Learning the history of where and when Mrs. Claus and elves first appeared, and how other countries recognize the role of female holiday performers leads to a deeper understanding of how we arrived at where we are today.

Your Character on the Inside – Understanding and Creating Your Unique Attributes, History, and Backstory

What is your personal history for your character, and how do you bring that into your portrayal? Knowing your character’s past shapes the person you are today. Digging deeper to define your backstory sheds new light and insights, adds depth, helps you stay in character, and ultimately builds confidence and credibility.

Your Character on the Outside – Defining Your Style

Every woman and man has a style – what is your character’s? Dressing for the venue and occasion, choosing the right accessories, and matching your style with your character’s personality or your partner’s look creates an added dimension to what sets you apart. 

Photography, Video, and Presentation – 3…2…1…Show time!

Are you ready for the camera? Looking at an old photo often triggers someone’s  Christmas memory. Practicing your smile,  knowing the best lighting, angles, and wearing appropriate make-up are a few factors that go into a great video or photo. Keeping all this in mind reminds us to be aware that while in character, someone, somewhere, is waiting to take a shot.

Marketing, Social Media, and Business Basics – Developing and Growing Your Brand

How do you “get out there?” Marketing  through your website, social media, professional affiliations, even your business card and resume are some ways you brand yourself as a professional performer. Focusing on this important aspect of your business helps you establish yourself to get that return client.

Hygiene for the Holidays; Hygiene for All Year

Staying healthy during the year helps us stay healthy during the season. In this honest and frank discussion, we talk about the simple, everyday things we can do to stay healthy.

Performing within the Christmas Community – Talents, Performing Solo or with Others, Safety, and Ethics

As a performer, what do you do? Bringing a set of talents that uniquely define you, exploring independent opportunities, and understanding your role when working with Santa and others reinforces your value as a professional performer.  Bringing integrity to your role, understanding the diversity of the Christmas Community, and creating a safe environment, allows you to have fun, and rock your role from the inside out!

Special Topics

We invite our hosts to recommend a local expert who can present to the class. We build the discussion into the curriculum to broaden our views on topics relevant and important to Christmas performers.

Bonus Day – Dream It…Design It!

Added to the curriculum is an optional extra half or full day to delve deeper into topics and do hands-on work building your marketing materials. You’ll leave with a head start on developing or polishing your brand.


We are available to attend Christmas seminars, workshops and conventions and customize any part of the core curriculum to meet the needs of your group. We have also designed programs on select topics that we can deliver either as a Webinar or as an in-person workshop at your conference. For more details, Contact Us.

Dream It…Design It – Virtual Visits

What does a virtual visit look like? Transitioning your normal and polished in-person visit to a digital format may create angst and may also come with a bit of uncertainty – and excitement. How do you translate activities from face-to-face in person, to face-to-face over technology? Dream It…Design It is an interactive brainstorming workshop. Together, we will discuss ten steps to master a virtual event so you are fully prepared and confident to share the holiday joy in a new way.

Dream It…Design It – Mrs. Claus Virtual Visits

The opportunities for Mrs. Claus (including elves and other performers) to venture into the world of virtual visits are endless. In this Dream It…Design It session, we will discover new ways for Mrs. Claus to create a virtual(ly) awesome holiday memory. We will look at both traditional and innovative approaches to a visit from Mrs. Claus, whether she is visiting from the North Pole or anywhere across the globe.

Understanding Customer Satisfaction: Exceeding Their Wildest Dreams

Families and clients are always looking for something more, and as Christmas performers, we are always looking to offer something more or different to set us apart. Understanding clients’ basic expectations, and what will truly excite them, is an important factor when designing an event. 

The Complete Claus Experience

Move from good to great. Have more than a visit – create an experience. As Clauses, we continually look to up our game for that child, that family, that client. Adding Christmas characters makes sense to us, but how can we persuade the client that investing in the Complete Claus Experience is a good business decision? 

Working Together as Santa and Mrs. Claus – Role Play

When Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus appear together, what does that look like? What does each do? What do you talk about? What DON’T you do? How do you represent yourselves as a long-married couple, especially when working with an independent performer? In this collaborative and fun role-play, Santa and Mrs. Claus discuss the endless opportunities to establish great partnerships, great events, and great memories for your clients.

Taking Care of Yourself

More information coming soon.