Author: SNHU

Paying it Forward

Contributed by Deanna Golden At church last Sunday, our pastor spoke about legacy, and as a Christian, how we will be remembered. The bottom line was the character we left behind and how others were impacted by it. I can’t help but apply that to our role in Christmas. I think of the legacies and characters of the Clauses who came before us – especially in light of the incredible people who left us this..

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Beautiful People

Recently, People Magazine named its Most Beautiful People for 2019. The magazine has been showcasing the most beautiful since 1990, celebrating outward beauty, yet espousing the inward beauty that everyone says is most important. Hmmm. We hear that what matters most is what’s on the inside, contrary to internet trolls, Hollywood, and society’s expectation of a perfect size, a perfect shape, a perfect house, a perfect relationship, yada yada yada. What does that have to..

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Who is Santa Nana?

Seeing Lucky’s words is the best way to really understand what she stood for and how she saw women in Christmas. She wrote this in 2015, and it just seemed the right thing to do to have this as our first blog post. Judi and I hope it gives you a little more glimpse into our dear friend, whom we miss every day.