Meet Santa Nana (Lucky Royse)

Santa Nana (Lucky Royse), was a pioneer in the Christmas Community, and set a high bar for the standards of the female performer. She portrayed Santa’s sister and partner, and brought flair, elegance, and independence to her role. She had a vision and passion to help women better understand and seize the opportunities before them, and to see and establish themselves as valued Christmas performers. She designed Santa Nana’s Holiday University to do just that.

Lucky passed away on July 9, 2016. After years of developing her character, mentoring others, and establishing a presence across the entire Christmas Community, she continues to inspire and shift the standard of a woman’s role. Whether as Santa’s sister, wife, aunt, cousin, daughter, niece, mother, or friend, women are stepping out and shining in their own ways, continuing her legacy of the fabulous female performer.