Seeing Lucky’s words is the best way to really understand what she stood for and how she saw women in Christmas. She wrote this in 2015, and it just seemed the right thing to do to have this as our first blog post. Judi and I hope it gives you a little more glimpse into our dear friend, whom we miss every day. 

Since Lucky isn’t here to describe herself or answer questions about what she stands/stood for, those who knew her best can. I spent many hours with her on her couch and patio. She loved her family. She moved from Colorado to Arizona so she could be closer to them. She wanted nothing but the best for everyone. She believed there was a better life after this one. She believed in charity and doing good works. She loved Christmas more than any other holiday. She loved to entertain. She loved flowers. She loved life. The summer she passed she was hoping to draw a chalk mural on her block fence in the back yard to add some color. She loved to laugh, to sing, and she loved hats. She believed in the goodness of people. 

Here are her words:


Ms. Santa Nana is Santa’s SISTER. I do not usurp any Mrs. Santas, and I can represent from a modern woman’s perspective. I am a CEO at Santa Nana Enterprises. While my brother is in charge of toy manufacturing and distribution, my focus is more on fashion, decorating and entertaining during the holidays. Santa Nana is a world traveler who embraces all religions and cultures. I am a pacifist, and I embrace and promote Peace on Earth, goodwill to all.